TCH Rooming Houses Ethnographic Research

Grounded Data Summary

Rooms & Brooms

10-days of ethnographic research at rooming houses in Toronto.

Rooming houses are often referred to as the bottom rung on the housing ladder. Strangers are co-inhabiting a space — bathrooms and kitchens are often shared. Because residents are typically placed on a first come first serve basis, residents rarely have much in common with their housemates: they hold different interests and live opposing lifestyles.

Over two weeks, we spent time in about 10 different rooming houses in Toronto’s east side, exploring what informs residents’ sense of belonging, agency and aspirations for the future. All so we could find opportunities for change.

This project was done in collaboration with Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services and Population Health Solutions Lab.

Rooms & Brooms by InWithForward

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dr. Daniela Kraemer

Daniela is an ethnographer focused on understanding the lived experiences of marginalized …

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