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Grounded Data Summary

Bingo Halls & Shopping Malls

10-days of ethnographic research with adults age 75+ in Greater Vancouver

Over a period of 10 days, we hit bingo halls, hung out at food courts, and did spring cleaning at people’s houses. We met and spoke to 17 adults over the age of 75, along with their friends, family and staff.

Our curisoities

  • We are curious to understand:
    What does a good quality of life look like for adults age 75 and older?
    Who is experiencing their version of a good quality of life, despite risks & challenges? Why?
  • What types of supports and interventions increase a sense of social connection? What might be standing in the way?

We want to make visible people that are often invisible – not as statistics, but as humans with richly textured stories. These stories can illuminate pain points and opportunities, and serve as a check and opportunity canvas for program planning, training and advocacy processes.

This trend report is the result of Grounded Data’s partnership with Allies and Aging and the Government of Canada.

Bingo Halls & Shopping Malls-Trend Report

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dr. Sarah Schulman

Sarah is a Founder of InWithForward, and its Social Impact Lead. As a sociologist, Sarah …

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