Grounded Data Summary

School Halls & Strip Malls

Ethnography with Filipino teens of LCP families — and the lives they aspire to

When Filipino teens come to Canada to reunite with their mothers as part of the Live-in Caregiver Program, they aren’t just navigating a new culture but new familial relationships. Most families we met navigated solo. Social services weren’t on their radar and don’t operate on their schedules. So we spent time where they were: church, buses, work, home.

We embarked on a Quick Dive with North York Community House to understand the experience of migration, reunification, and acculturation for Filipino youth to Canada, especially to North York, Toronto, ON.


What emerged are 7 opportunity areas with ideas at both practice and system levels of what we can prototype and test to enable flourishing. Download the trend report below to read more.

School Halls & Strip Malls

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