Grounded Data Summary

On & Off the Streets of Surrey

2-weeks of ethnographic research to find the people who don’t use services

The Whalley area in Surrey has attracted a large number of people with challenges around housing, addiction & mental health. In particular, an area called the Strip is currently home to over 700 people living in tents. Within 10 minutes walk around the Strip, one could find various meal services, shelters, and a safe injection site. Is it enough?

In December 2017, we partnered up with Options Community Services on  a Quick Dive to explore these research questions: how can we better understand people who don’t use formal services? What are their needs, preferences, and motivators? What might engage them?

We met 31 (non) service users, 19 social service staff, and wrote 22 profiles of motivations and aspirations of people and generated 32 ideas. This trend report captures the top themes, pain points and opportunity areas that we hope could spark a different conversation around social service support that could work for people.

Learn more about the Quick Dive we did in Surrey here.

On & Off the Streets in Surrey

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dr. Sarah Schulman

Sarah is a Founder of InWithForward, and its Social Impact Lead. As a sociologist, Sarah …

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