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Ethnography to understand lived experiences on the streets of Edmonton

What is the lived experience of Edmonton citizens living with a combination of homelessness & mental health? Is lack of coordination amongst existing services preventing better outcomes? If the coordination problem were solved, would folks likely experience better outcomes? What is a good outcome, for whom? Where does well-being sit?

At its core, that’s what our Grounded Data project in Edmonton seeks to understand. We embraced the cold and hung out in downtown Edmonton to meet and spend time with 19 streets-involved adults to understand their motivation and aspirations.

We want to make visible people that are often invisible – not as statistics, but as humans with richly textured stories. These stories can illuminate pain points and opportunities, and serve as an assumptions check and opportunity canvas for the Community Wellness Planning Process.

This trend report is the result of Grounded Data’s collaboration with MaRS Solutions Lab and the City of Edmonton.

Mini Marts and Shopping Carts

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dr. Sarah Schulman

Sarah is a Founder of InWithForward, and its Social Impact Lead. As a sociologist, Sarah …

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