We set-up data systems and HR practices to support new ways of knowing, doing, failing, and learning.

How do you stitch new ideas into the fabric of an organization’s ecosystem, and spread the underpinning values? What routines and systems enable ongoing development?  How do you codify new practices whilst keeping an experimental culture alive?

There’s a lot of talk about spread and scale. Rather than spread interventions, we like to spread the processes used to develop interventions. We walk alongside member organizations and their crews to scale deep the conditions required for interventions to be meaningfully adopted. We facilitate sharing and practice adaptation between members of  Grounded Space and beyond.


Embedding Change involves:

  • Resetting roles, responsibilities, and hierarchies
  • Designing new hiring & induction processes
  • Creating rotations, secondments, and residencies
  • Building evaluative routines & intelligence tools
  • Accessing new technologies & communication channel
  • Re-purposing strategic planning
  • Putting ineffectual practices to rest
  • Setting-up rituals, incentives, and awards
  • Doing adaptation research

Who is it for?

Embedding Change is for social service agencies with new practices to sustain and evolve. This involves HR Directors, Quality Assurance Managers, Unions, etc.

Embedding Change is designed to:

― Bring about deep scale: that is, a shift in values and beliefs
― Routinize emergence, uncertainty, and #forever prototyping
― Celebrate both success and failure
― Encourage organizations to revise their narrative
― Deepen and diversify talent pools