Ivy Staker

Lead Ethnographer

Ivy is an ethnographer focused on understanding the lived experiences of folks whose voices are often left out of the conversation, experimenting with new methods of collaborative data collection and sensemaking. Over the course of her career, she’s written a thesis on cultural conceptions of autism in Tanzania, led research into the experience of kidney transplantation across the US, and directed a documentary film with Indigenous women in Australia and Papua New Guinea. Raised in two tiny communities in British Columbia, she’s always been fascinated by how things are done elsewhere and how others’ perceive their worlds. Ivy has a BA and an MA in social anthropology from Dalhousie University and lives in Vancouver, BC where you’ll find her reading, writing, running, riding her bike, or plotting a mountain escapade.

Fun Facts: Ivy once won a shoot-out with her dad’s fave NBA player, Steve Nash. She holds her pencil like a fist, occasionally picks up her clarinet, and enjoys nothing more than a grueling physical challenge.

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