Anna Bond

Operations Manager

Anna has extensive experience in strategic management and corporate development. She excels at combining the artistic vision of a project with its business realities. She is versatile and comfortable in a creative and production capacity, whilst supervising business operations. Anna has extensive experience working with a variety of different stakeholders ranging from government to corporate to private and not-for-profit sectors. Anna graduated of the University of Victoria and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, International Business. Her guiding belief is rooted in the notion that the success of any community relies on the involvement and participation of its people from all levels. She firmly believes there is potential in everyone it’s just a matter of harnessing that potential and giving it the opportunity to flourish. She has a life-long commitment to fostering relationships through mutual respect and understanding.

Fun Facts: Anna once had a cameo on Sesame Street and was the proud owner of a pig named Plucky.

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