Films, field trips, lunches, and immersive experiences into Grounded Change

What does it look like for our safety nets to function as trampolines? Why use design and ethnography to propel change?  What can behaviour change theory add? What kind of leadership is required to hold the space for disruption?

If you have questions, we’ve got learning experiences for all. We offer taste tests of our approach. Not your typical workshops or toolkits, but content that gives context and invites critique. All to raise awareness, grow understanding, and spur critical thinking.


Past learning experiences have included:

Who are these events and resources for?

Our learning experiences are for everyone interested in making social change happen. This includes:

(1) organizational stakeholders: leaders, directors, board members, mid-level managers, frontline staff, individuals, and families

(2)  eco-system shapers: policymakers, funders, unions, accreditors

(3) allied professionals: designers, researchers, and students

All experiences are designed to:

― Engage heart, hands, and head
― Gain fresh insights about people
― Build your ‘making muscles’
― Encourage discernment
― Connect context with methods