Freelance role – Apply by March 16!

Contributing Podcaster

What will it take to shift from charity to justice? What even is justice, according to whom?

In partnership with Vancouver Foundation, we’re creating an original podcast series unpacking the concept of justice from different perspectives, and exploring what it could look like for a philanthropic foundation to act according to an explicit and transparent theory of justice.

Justice isn’t just one thing. On what basis should a foundation distribute its resources: based on need, or achievement, or purpose, or equality? Should a foundation correct for past harms, respond to current crises, or address future needs? Should a foundation focus on just process or just outcomes?

We are looking for a contributor to our podcast series: somebody who is insatiably curious, critically reflective, a people lover (not pleaser), and a creative storyteller. You’re someone who can find the thread between seemingly disparate conversations, enjoys the challenge of communicating complexity and nuance, excels under pressure, and appreciates the messiness & uncertainty of the creative process.

We are committed to building a team with a blend of lived experiences, from different cultural and racial backgrounds and intersectional identities, reflective of the communities we seek to learn and work with, and fostering an environment where we can bring our whole selves to what we do, foibles and all. You need not have a lot of experience with journalism or podcasting — we’re open to folks who are earlier in their journeys. When it comes to podcasting, we are too!


About you

  • You’re a curious soul — you think in terms of questions, not answers, and are always seeking out new information and perspectives, rejecting simple tales in favour of the multiplicity of truths.
  • You’re a relationship builder — you recognize the key to telling good stories is deep listening and you find you have ways to put people at ease, model respect and build rapport.
  • You’re a translator and guide — you find ways to bring new ideas and concepts, even if they are challenging and unpopular, to the forefront and make them more approachable and digestible.
  • You’ve got a strong voice — you have your own signature style and way of sharing original thoughts and analysis — whether in writing, with audio, or video.
  • You’re open to growth and learning — you both seek out and offer feedback, appreciating that candid and proactive communication is important for our collective development.
  • You thrive under challenge — you find fast-paced, deadline-driven work to be energizing, and enjoy work that is unstructured and unconventional; where we are figuring out things as we go, will make mistakes, and pivot along the way. That suits you — because you prefer to help create order, rather than step into order. You get that some tension is necessary for creativity, but too much can kill it.

About the role

  • Collaborator – you’ll join our brainstorming sessions to help shape the direction of episodes and flesh out content and stories
  • Co-researcher – you’ll seek out background information, compile insights, write interview questions
  • Finding sources — you’ll reach out to folks to interview, especially voices that might not be in the mainstream
  • Interviewing — you’ll join key interviews, ask questions and follow-ups
  • Script writing – you’ll contribute to script writing and editing
  • Co-hosting segments – you’ll help us with narration and voice overs

About us

On this project is a team of four designers, researchers, and community developers with a shared purpose: to turn our social safety nets into trampolines by listening and learning from people overlooked and marginalized. We include folks who identify as white, Jewish, Chinese, Latinx, able-bodied, female, middle-class, immigrants and settlers. We are missing important perspectives on our team and are on an ongoing and lifelong journey to diversify our thought and action.

Nuts and bolts

  • This is a freelance contract role
  • $300-350/day depending on level of experience
  • Days to be negotiated between March 15-May 15
  • Flexible schedule

How to apply

  1. Tell us why you, why now? Why do you see yourself in this role, and what will you bring to it? This might be in the form of a quick note, video, or audio recording.
  2. Send us along a portfolio of some of your work — whatever form it is in! If you have a resume, great, include that too.
  3. Send in one email to [email protected] by March 16 at midnight.