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Love engaging community members in surprising and delightful ways? Are you a quirky creative that gets jazzed by creating social media posts that go viral? Love making content like videos that create impact?


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About the Kudoz team

Founded in 2014, Kudoz is an experience platform that connects people with and without disabilities to do splendid things together all over the lower mainland of BC. Experiences are hosted one on one  and connect people based on a shared passion. Kudoz blends social science and service design to create big social impact. We promote a culture of curiosity, rigour, experimentation, and learning! If you are looking to change the ways people and communities are connecting with each other- keep reading!

About the role

The Experience Curator thrives off of building relationships. The Curator ensures the platform is maintaining its delight and the user experience is joyful. Digging into data, the Curator collects quantitative data from the backend of the platform that leads into insights and action. The Curator is able to develop new and refreshing content to delight new users and engage existing community members on the Kudoz platform. The Curator will  be responsible for developing content for social media, newsletters, press releases, and additional marketing materials. The Curator will also develop online content for the catalogue in the form of live experiences, events, and videos. As a Curator, you will tap into your inventiveness, sense of creativity, analytical and lateral thinking self to develop new content and solutions to create measurable impact.

About you

Your friends and family would say that you …

  • Have a breadth of experience– maybe you have a background in volunteer engagement, marketing, film making, data science or anthropology or maybe you spent one summer abroad studying nautical archaeology. We are looking for someone that has a range of life experience and knowledge and is able to apply that to building relationships and community.
  • Are curious and open-minded- you’re always willing to give things a go, open to feedback, and questioning how things could be better!
  • Are a rigorous critical thinker–  you’ve got an eye for details and don’t take things at face value. You like to dig in and excavate data to discover actionable insights.
  • Are a maker and a doer –   knowing how to work to a deadline, getting things done with beauty and a great eye for aesthetics. You create delightful and engaging content through various forms of media.
  • Are a community networker-  having lots of connections and aren’t afraid to hustle to make new ones to connect them to the platform.
  • Are a collaborator and team player- you like working on a team but can just as easily work independently.
  • Are a systems thinker-  you’re a systems thinker that likes digging into problems to find systematic scalable solutions.
  • Are an organized multi-toggleryou’re highly organized and can juggle numerous tasks at a time and thrive in an environment with rapid change.

You get ...

We are a small non-profit start-up that offers a competitive salary and excellent benefits package, but what can’t be captured in numbers is the amazing work culture you get to be part of. You get:

  • Flexible hours- Life doesn’t happen just from 9am-5pm and we get that. There’s a few non-negotiable times of the week that we like to huddle together to strategize and reflect, but otherwise can be pretty flexible.
  • Supportive team- We take a strengths-based approach to working with the community and we embody that in the work environment that we create. That means focusing on what you can do well and capitalizing on that.
  • Ongoing learning- We embody a growth mindset. You might not be good at something yet, but we work to help get you there. How? We offer opportunities to hone your skills and fail. Yep, we think people learn more from failing than success. So this is a pretty safe place to experiment and try new things. All within reason of course!
  • Exposure- Experiential learning is the way to go! In Kudoz, you will get exposed to a wide array of social science and design approaches- all priceless learning!
  • Impact- Lots of people talk about problems or what they wish could be different. We don’t talk, we do something about it. You’ll get to be part of making impact and strategizing ways to take that deeper and expand it!
  • Salary: $44-$48K/year plus excellent benefits package

Apply now!

Does reading this have you excited? Nodding your head? We’d love for you to apply!

Apply Online Here: https://kudoz.typeform.com/to/xzkKGtyi



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