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Engagement Curator – Surrey

At a time when social isolation is an all too present reality, come be part of a team creatively tackling loneliness, boredom, and disconnection. Sources is excited to announce a partnership with Semiahmoo House Society (SHS) to try out a new service offering, Kudoz. Kudoz is an experience platform that connects people with and without disabilities to splendid things to do and learn, in-person and online.

About the role

The Experience Curator just loves building relationships. They focus on bringing delight and joy to folks who engage with the platform. Digging into data, the Curator collects quantitative data from the backend of the platform that leads into insights and action. The Curator is able to develop new and refreshing content to delight new users and engage existing community members on the Kudoz platform. The Curator will be responsible for developing content for social media, newsletters, press releases, and additional marketing materials. The Curator will also recruit and develop online content for the catalogue in the form of live experiences, events, and videos. As a Curator, you will tap into your inventiveness, sense of creativity, analytical and lateral thinking self to develop new content and solutions to create measurable impact.


  • Recruit community members, small businesses, and larger organizations to offer experiences in the Kudoz catalogue and coach them through their hosting journey.
  • Build strong relationships/partnerships with community organizations and businesses in the South Fraser region in order to grow Kudoz South Fraser.
  • Create delightful social media content and marketing/outreach materials for recruitment, campaign building, and awareness raising.
  • Organize and run in-person and online events for marketing, recruitment, ongoing engagement that reach a broad audience.
  • Work with team members to improve interactions, touchpoints, and tech platform for growth and development of Kudoz South Fraser.
  • Ensure the hosting journey is engaging and delightful and provide hosts with ongoing learning opportunities.
  • Collect data and stories of change for internal and external learning.

About you

  • You’re a natural people person and extrovert. You understand how to be a good talker and listener. You ask the right questions to get people thinking and the stories you share prompt people to act. Charismatic and humble, you are able to read a room and possess a high level of social emotional awareness.
  • You are curious. Listening about someone talk about their passions is something that gives you energy. You are naturally inquisitive and excited to learn about anything from haiku to textile dyes to mushroom foraging.
  • You’re able to take ideas and make them concrete. You have a range of making skills so are able to take a concept and translate that into a real world context.
  • You’ve got a way with words. You’re a great public speaker and you’re able to put fingers to keyboard to produce  snappy and engaging content.
  • You’ve got a wide range of life experience and are able to maintain perspective without judgment.
  • You take rejection well. You look at a ‘no’ as an opportunity to reflect and hone your strategic skills.
  • You believe that we are all learning beings and that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow!

Some of your skills

Maker: You have some background in marketing and/or design. You are able to utilize software such as InDesign or Illustrator or Photoshop.

Tech: You are comfortable working with technology and various platforms.

Reflexivity: You’re a reflective learner with a high degree of self awareness. You can be self critical, but don’t let that get you down, but look at failure as an opportunity for learning.

Team player: You’ve got experience working with a team and on your own in a fast paced environment.

Nuts and bolts

This will be a term position of six months hosted by Sources. The role is full time and salary is $44K/year plus benefits. The position is based in Cloverdale with flexibility to work remotely and in community.


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