Meeting older citizens in Punjabi Temple

Convivial City 2020

How might a city that nourishes relationships, allows positive identities, and encourages shared actions look like?

“I believe a desirable future depends on our deliberately choosing a life of action over a life of consumption, on our engendering a lifestyle which will enable us to be spontaneous, independent, yet related to each other, rather than maintaining a lifestyle which only allows us to produce and consume.” – Ivan Illich

What is life like for older people living in the City of Vancouver – how do they perceive age, aging, and engaging?

What does it look and feel like to thrive over time? What’s shaping their images of the future? What would it look like for the city to evolve with you?

We partnered up with the City of Vancouver to meet older citizens to understand aging in rapidly changing communities. The insights that came out of this 10-day ethnographic research are being use to to inform Healthy City Strategy, the city’s long term integrated plan for healthier people, places and planet.

Download the summary of our playback sessions, which includes participants’ reactions, questions and feedback.

City of Vancouver-InWithForward – Healthy City Strategy Quick Dive Summary

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Muryani Kasdani

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