The Fifth Space in 5 episodes

Rheanna Toy, Manuela Aguirre and Sarah Schulman

Follow Sherri, Wendy and 26 other social service staff through the Fifth Space. The Fifth Space is a set of HR practices for growing staff capacity to test ideas, fail, and try again. Modeled after Google’s 20% time policy, staff at all levels of the hierarchy spent one day a week for curated learning and experimentation.

Episode 1: Flash Mob

Meet the Fifth Space Fellows, 27 staff drawn from across three largest disability agencies in British Columbia, Canada, to do ground-up Research & Development using 20% of their paid work time.


Episode 2: Out in homes and offices

Wendy and Sherri, two staff from Simon Fraser Society for Community Living and PosAbilities, went out to do ethnographic research to understand the issue around living and housing for people with cognitive disability.


Episode 3: The problems they are a chang'n

The teams came back from their ethnographic research and tried to make sense of the stories they heard and their observations at people’s homes, day programs, group homes, and offices. They did a first try on doing segmentation.


Episode 4: The Pitch

Teams came up with ideas they want to prototype. Hear about what they think should go forward and what should not, and why.


Episode 5: The First Prototype

Watch how nTandem team prototyped their idea “Speed Friending” and what they learned from it.


Rheanna Toy

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