Visit our Vancouver Studio!

During the Vancouver Design Week

We’re opening up our studio again! Learn about our latest iteration in building organizational and community capacity to make and sustain grounded change.

From to
InWithForward HQ
The shed, the south of the property, west of the Chinese Tabernacle Baptist Church.
790 E 14th Ave, Vancouver, BC, Canada

How to make social change sticky

We are exploring what flourishing looks like for the people who use social services. How do we we create a culture for experimentation in social services?

For us impact means creating meaningful change in what people do, say, think, and feel. We seek to create a shift in the welfare state to turn our social safety nets into trampolines, to enable people on the margins to flourish. This involves having an impact at three levels: individual, organizational and systemic.

At an individual level, we create initiatives that enable flourishing lives where people use, develop, and enjoy their capabilities over time, to fulfill their desired life in their full potential. At an organizational level, we build capabilities within social services to continuously develop those new solutions, to be critical and generative. Lastly, at a third level, we want to build a broader culture and ecosystem that facilitates these changes for organizations, such as funding flows and policies.


Come play with some of the frameworks and tools we use that combine social science theories, implementation science, and design methods to develop deeper understanding about people’s motivation and aspiration and organizational’s readiness for experimentation.

This is a curated workshop with different starting time (depending on the flow of the crowd). The last curated workshop will be hosted at 6.30pm.