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Do you have a background in positive psychology, working with diverse groups, and coaching to build motivation for change? Are you adept at shifting people out of their comfort zones? Are you able to make theory super practical? Do you enjoy busting barriers and figuring out what works?

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About Kudoz

Founded in 2014, Kudoz is an experience platform that connects people with and without disabilities to do splendid things together all over the lower mainland of BC. Experiences are hosted one on one and connect people based on a shared passion. Kudoz blends social science and service design to create big social impact. We promote a culture of curiosity, rigour, experimentation, and learning! If you are looking to change the ways people and communities are connecting with each other- keep reading!

About the role

The Learning Coach role will help us to refine and iterate a coaching methodology that takes our platform to the next level. Our approach to coaching sets Kudoz apart: we’re all about supporting growth and change at an individual and relationship level. We couple that with curating opportunities at a community and cultural level.

With Covid-19, Kudoz has moved in-person coaching online, finding novel ways to address social isolation and enable connection and belonging. We are looking for someone that possesses an experimental mindset to develop out what online coaching from 1 to 1 sessions to larger groups can look like. You’ve got a lot of coaching/learning frameworks to draw from and are able to take a qualitative evaluation lens for development. You don’t just like talking about change but making things tangible and real. You’re able to work with a small team and neurodiverse folks to further develop our coaching practice to get to change and impact!

About you

  • You’re a people person. You have a knack for listening with warmth and without judgement. You make people feel at ease and open up. You’re able to work with youth, adults, and families and are able to adjust your approach quickly.
    You’re a reflexive learner. You are energized by what you don’t know, as much as what you do know. You seek out novelty in your own life, and courageously pursue things even when you’re not good at them. You wholeheartedly believe in a growth mindset: that everyone – no matter their background of circumstances – can develop over time. It’s never too late to stretch yourself.
    You’re a big picture thinker with the ability to zoom in and zoom out. You’re good at holding a bigger purpose in the back of your mind, while juggling on the day-to-day activities that help us get there. Plus, you don’t work in isolation. You’re also a critical part of a hard-working, fast-paced team, and your ideas help strengthen the whole team’s practice and impact.
    You are tech savvy. Kudoz is an online platform that uses a whole range of tools. You don’t have to be a developer, but definitely need to have a high comfort level with using tech and platforms.
    You like to make things tangible. You aren’t just about talking about things, but doing them. You’re able to take a concept and sketch it out to develop materials and tools to support interactions.
    You work well under pressure. You know how to work to a deadline, be on time, and consistently deliver. Variability is not your thing. The pursuit of excellence is a core value – so you take the time to put in place robust work processes.
    You’re a collaborator and team player. You derive energy from working closely with others, and totally think the sum is more than its parts. You step in where needed, take initiative, explicitly communicate your needs, and nurture close working relationships. You welcome regular and honest feedback. Your project positivity.

What you'll get

Flexible hours– Life doesn’t happen just from 9am-5pm and we get that. There’s a few non-negotiable times of the week that we like to huddle together to strategize and reflect, but otherwise can be pretty flexible.

Supportive team- We take a strengths-based approach to working with the community and we embody that in the work environment that we create. That means focusing on what you can do well and capitalizing on that.

Ongoing learning– We embody a growth mindset. You might not be good at something yet, but we work to help get you there. How? We offer opportunities to hone your skills and fail. Yep, we think people learn more from failing than success. So this is a pretty safe place to experiment and try new things. All within reason of course!

Exposure– Experiential learning is the way to go! In Kudoz, you will get exposed to a wide array of social science and design approaches- all priceless learning!

Impact- Lots of people talk about problems or what they wish could be different. We don’t talk, we do something about it. You’ll get to be part of making impact and strategizing ways to take that deeper and expand it!

Salary: This position will start as a contracted role from September 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020 for 20 hours/week with possibilities for extension. Compensation is $500/wk.

Ready to apply?

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